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dustr●ial.There are just○ a few major compa●nies in the world s●elling 5G radio ha●rdware and 5G syst■ems for carriers: H〓uawei and ZTE in C◆hina, Finlan■d's Nokia,● Samsung in South ●Korea and Ericss〓on in Sweden. ●Huawei is th○e largest of them, b〓ut the company● is under scrutiny● after the Unite◆d States said t○hat it would■ not use Huawei ●eq

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uipment be◆cause of secu○rity fears, and i◆t encouraged■ its allies● to follow suit."●Every company ha◆s its securit○y risks, every compa〓ny is trying ○to do the sam◆e thing," Barber■io told Xinhu◆a in a rece■nt interview. "But ■Italy

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cannot d◆o the rollout withou■t Huawei. The compan■y has a

quarter● of the patents fo●r 5G technology. If ●Italy sti

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cks 〓with the Euro■pean compani〓es it's just Nokia ■and Ericsson,■ and the rollout ■will be slow●er and t

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